Oven Repair

The heating element and the ignition assembly are the most common complaints that we get about ovens. We only appreciate our ovens once they break down. However, this doesn’t need to be permanent. Call John’s Appliance Repair. We are the top repair service in The Woodlands, Texas. We will send our certified technicians over to check out your oven. They will be able to pinpoint the issue and offer you a viable solution in terms of repairs and future maintenance.

You won’t find any hidden charges or taxes in the quote that we present you.


Why Has it Broken Down?

When it comes to issues with your oven, it could be anything from a frayed gas line or a failing ignition system. As tempting as it is to do DIY repairs, we don’t recommend that you do that. If you don’t have the skills, tools or experience, you may risk further damage to the appliance. There are also constant electrical hazards that could put your household in danger.

If you hire one of our technicians, we will save you money and time.


Common Issues That an Oven Faces


Won’t Heat

In cases like these, the igniter or the heating element may have been compromised. Our technicians can come replace either of these components for you. If the range is also not lighting or functioning, then the gas line may be defective. This requires the involvement of a professional.

If you smell gas at any point, exit the building immediately and call someone.


Door Won’t Close

The door may not be closing properly for many reasons. The door sensor could be malfunctioning, the door gaskets may need replacing or the door springs could need replacing.


Not Self-Cleaning

If the self-cleaning cycle is not engaging properly, then you need to get the switch, thermostat, control panel or locking motor checked out. They may need to be replaced.


Is it Time for a Replacement?

Ovens have been known to have some of the longest lives out of any household appliances. They can last up to fifteen years, with proper maintenance and care, of course. If our oven is any older, then you need to get a new one. We can help you choose a new model, as well as install it.

No matter the issue that you’re facing, give us a call and we will come help you get your appliances back in working order.