Refrigerator Repair

One of the appliances that we take for granted the most is the refrigerator. It works tirelessly to keep our food and drinks cold and preserved. The unfortunate truth is that we don’t ever appreciate it fully until it stops working. If you live in The Woodlands area and you need your refrigerator to be repaired ASAP, then call John’s Appliance Repair. We have a team of highly qualified technicians that can tackle any issue that your refrigerator might be facing.


Common Issues a Refrigerator Might Face


Refrigerators are not overly complex, but many things can go wrong. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Leaks on the floor
  • The inside is warm
  • Food is frozen
  • Ice maker leaks or overflows
  • Frost in the ice dispenser
  • Excessive ice in the freezer
  • Strange sounds, such as buzzing or knocking

You don’t necessarily need to call us if your lightbulb needs replacing. However, if you haven’t had your refrigerator serviced in a while, then call us anyways. We can kill two birds with one stone; we’ll switch your lightbulb and repair your refrigerator.


Why John’s Appliance Repair?


High-Quality service

Our technician will not only target the immediate issue but will inspect the entire machine to make sure that no underlying issues have been missed. Our team is warm and friendly and will only give you the best.


Extensive Experience

You need skills and experience to properly repair a household appliance. Our team, thankfully, has both. They will troubleshoot the issue in record time and give you a viable plan going forward.


Great Prices

We want to make sure that our customers can afford the service that we offer. We only work with a small pool of suppliers so that we can offer you the best parts at the best price.



We will always professionally present ourselves. This includes:

  • A fair quote: We don’t need to hide taxes and charges in your quote. Our services speak for themselves.
  • Real Idea of how long it will take: Obviously, there are certain delays that we can’t control. However, we will be able to offer you a decent timeframe as to how long the repairs will take.
  • The Best Parts: We only work with a small group of suppliers. We will ensure that you get the best replacement parts for the money that you pay. This ensures a longer lifespan for your appliance.
  • Long-lasting repairs: Our repairs guarantee that your appliance will stay fixed. We will never resort to shortcuts.
  • Clean working space: Our technicians will never create unnecessary messes. As soon as they are done, they will clean up and leave the area tidy.

Call Us

Give us a call at 281-909-3705 or click the “Contact” button on this page. Our lines are open 24/7 so that you can make an appointment at whatever time works best for you.